My First, Second Life Experience…

Week 1

This week, I was began my exploration of the world of Second Life, as I ventured around the online space, I began to notice clusters of avatars scattered around the map and decided to investigate. I also noted that in the destination menu, there was an easier way to find spaces with a larger population, the first location was London City…

Location 1

The London City Meeting Area….

The People were very friendly, it was explained to me, when asked, that it was a social space for people to gather. As I arrived there was a trivia quiz in progress, which I thought was a great way for users to engage with one another.

Quiz in chat…

As I arrived there was a trivia quiz in progress, which I thought was a great way for users to engage with one another. One of the cities staff members was very helpful and took the time to show me around when I explained I was a new user. Overall there was a very friendly atmosphere in the space which is welcoming to user a new user of Second Life…

Location 2

The second location visited, was not as warm as London City, it is an area known as Club End of Days.

Dark passage ways lead the user into the main dance floor of the club, where demons, vampires and other creatures occupied the main space. There was far less interaction with the visitors of this area, noteabley so. Snarls and growls grew louder as I wandered through the dance floor and closer to the demons and their dance partners. The nearby chat fell silent as I asked for clarification on the area, not a destination suitable for a new user.

Location 3

A welcome change of scenery is a space called The Shelter..

The shelter is exactly that, a safe place for new users, with strict guidlines and rules for user conduct. It is made clear upon arrival that any defect from the rules, will result in a ban from the admin of the site. The shelter leader Aillsh, explained to me, it was a space meant to welcome new users, she regularly holds games, dances and other events at the space. There were also shops that one can purchase avatar gestures. Free dance moves were also available to the users in the dance floors.

This was perhaps the most welcoming space of all, numerous participants were keen to help explain the workings of the area when asked, such eagerness to help was not present in the End of Days club.

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