Group Meeting

In this weeks post, I will discuss the first meeting of my group. After a somewhat rocky start I finally touched base with the other members of my group. Initially we found communication to be an issue. After exchanging email however, things began to pick up pace!

A group member named “coldtoesies” and myself, began conversations via email. After several failed attempts we finally organised a time and place to meet in our online environment. For some reason, it felt more comfortable to meet in our classroom. It got me thinking… was the classroom just convenient, was it simply familiar? What if there was something else at play? What if we were conducting ourselves studiously in the virtual world subconsciously, in a place with such a wide range of areas and activity, the class room still seemed remain appropriate.

After sitting down with “Coldtoesies” we began to discuss the brief and our initial thoughts. It was good to finally have direct contact with a group member, with no time delay! Having both spent some time reflecting on the task at hand in our own time offline, we began to pitch some of the ideas we were both thinking about. Once we had direct contact with one another, we began to realise we were largely thinking of taking the project in the same direction. We were interested in a rates of automation and the industries that are availing of the technology in the most successful manor? What did the future look like? We were also interested in the physiological effects of a lack of human contact in the workplace as more and more people work from home. We also wanted to discuss the effects of corporations employ tactics to lure workers into spending more time in the workplace.  

As we began to build on our ideas I realised that these kinds of touch points were going to be crucial in the following weeks to come. After a few attempts at refining our topic, the division of labour began. The research that was required was divided between “Coldtosies” and myself and the project was finally underway.

There was a feeling of accomplishment during and after the meeting as setting it up had in itself been challenging.

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