My Identity…

This week I have been forced to sit with my thoughts and reflect on my online footprint. In my later twenties, I have always aired on the side of caution when it comes to my own social media accounts and in general, post very little. Truth be told, this behaviour is probably due to the fact that I am very aware of public perception in terms of social media and online presence.

We live in a world where the easiest way to get a snapshot of someone is a google search of their social media platform, this five minute scroll session is used by, employers, potential partners, friends and even strangers.

But If we begin with the question of personal identity, am I still the same person who was so unsure of committing to posting a facebook, tweet or instagram entry as I was ten years ago? This ignores a fundamental rules of building an online persona, “get your opinion out there”. Is this cautious approach limiting my brand?

In today’s climate, it seems a sparse online presence can be as damaging as an account full of content you are not completely happy with. Perhaps it is high time I re-vamp my existing online presence.

From a professional view point, I can say with no un-certantity my online persona does not match the progression I have made in my academic life. As a brand, I cannot say that a stranger would recognise that I am one year away from being a professional graphic designer.

So how could I improve on what is already there, being a graphic designer, my content should target a specific audience, this is my niche, but is this to general? Some authors suggest simply re-viewing books on your field and posting them can help build your brand as it reflects strongly formed profession opinions.

This review has pointed out a lack of consistency across my social media platforms, I am making many of the rookie errors, multiple usernames, multiple pictures and non consistent content posting. All of which would give a future employer the impression of a lack of organisation.

Having a cohesive look and consistent content across all levels of social media help portray a sense of professionalism and organisation, qualities that help build a unified brand for the user.


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