Group Meeting..

Unfortunately, things are not progressing as well as I would have hoped for in terms of our group project. The group is having major difficulties organising times to meet up online. What I am finding is communicating via email is far too slow a process.

I have continued to try and contact the members of the group via email but in today’s age, it is simply innifect. What I am finding is, after sending an email to a group member I may have to wait over a day or possibly two to get a reply. Don’t get me wrong, that is not me blaming the other members, I too am guilty, there has been times where I have not noticed an email from them until a day or two after receiving it also.

The problem is by that stage, the only available times everyone has to meet up have come and gone and we are back to square one, trying to set another time to meet up in our online world. Maybe it’s a weird trail of thought but in a weird way, it reminds of the early days of mobile phones before instant messengers and wifi connectivity . When instant messaging apps like Whatsapp, Facebook etc are removed from the scenario, communication becomes painfully slow. No longer do I have two convenient little blue ticks to let me know the member has received my message or in Facebook’s case, an exact time they have opened it. Technology moves so fast, emails now feel like carrier pigeons. I wonder what people using carrier pigeons used to complain about?

And what are the boundaries here, I have the full name of group members that appear on their emails, is it to intrusive to search their names on facebook? What are the rules? I have just written a blog post acknowledging that my future employer will more then likely do this! Why do I feel so strange about it? Is it creepy? Is it overstepping boundaries? Either way we must move forward with the presentation preparation and I will continue to try and establish a line of communication.

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