Final Meeting

Following the groups second face to face, myself and another member of the group, met up in person on campus to discuss the final form of the presentation. Again, this was because we felt that the progression of the presentation was just to slow when communicating online. The third member of the group was present digitally, she used instant messaging to give us feedback and opinions on the direction of the project

We sat together exploring the idea of automation in the creative industry further. We wanted to tie in how the creative industry could tackle some of the environmental issues that needed to be discussed. We began to explore the possibilities of how the working world may appear further down the line of the automation process. Themes of humans inherent creativity began to emerge. We wondered , if the creative industry is one of the few that appears to be safe from the process of automation, could this the process of automation see more of the population being pushed towards creative fields? What if more people were free of the burden of working an unrewarding job as a result of necessity. As we discussed this idea further we realised that the people providing solutions to the problem are not in danger of automation and the ones that automation would directly impact, are no more likely to think of climate change as a result of job lose. So we began to review our ideas.

So we began to discuss what the creative industry could in order to tackle some of the issues. We began to review what we had learned about sustainability during the course of our education, which was very little, most of the printing methods we have been thought are in fact quite harmful to the environment. We also use ridiculous amounts of paper during the process of design, note pads, sketchbooks and print offs. We began to wonder why are we doing this when we have the technology in font of us to save the materials.

We began to discuss how our approach to graphic design could be more eco-friendly. Talking about sustainability in graphic design, the attitude our college and students alike, we realised how impactful our own actions have been during the college course so far. So we began to think about what the college could do for future graduates, could there be more modules on design sustainability. Why is there not already? Through research we became interested in Brian Dougherty’s Book ‘Green Graphic Design’ , which is a step by step guide on working in a sustainable way. However the book is not just a simple guide to using recycled paper, it is actually a call for the industry to evaluate the entire process of design including the end product.

We began to focus our attention to one of the environmental issues raised in the ‘World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity’ paper, which was deforestation. While researching some of the effects of paper waste in climate change we became alarmed by our own and the creative industries impact on the topic. We were also interested in some of the methods and incentives that were being practiced by others, in attempts to tackle the issue of waste.

From here we began to form an argument on what we thought may be possible solutions that future generations, graduates and individuals may be able to adopt to work in a more green, eco friendly manor. After collecting all of our findings and research we began to flesh out our first script for the presentation. The script went through many iterations in order to fine tune the argument. Once we all agreed on the content, we then began the search for visual to accompany our text. We were mindful of avoiding the use of copyrighted material as this had been a topic that had been discussed during other weeks of the module.

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