Anthropocene is the term used to describe the age of the human and what an impact we have made. Paul Crutzen and Eugene Stoermer first coined the term in 2000, and it is used to highlight the fact that we are living in an era that our climate and environment is shaped by our existence. It speaks of human kinds impact on the natural world and the effects of this manifesting in climate change.

As a child I can vividly remember the opinion of adults around the topic and their absolute scepticism around climate change, “it’s not real” they would say. How ironic it is that it has taken the efforts of a young child Greta Thumberg to unite the people in a way that I do not remember witnessing in the past. But thankfully, the adults of this generation, as David Attenborough says are behind the decisions makers responsibility to act now, they are behind the people who can make change, support them and are willing to make change in their everyday lives.

The devastation caused by the industrial revolution and the carbon dioxide it generated is still warming the planet today, along with the ones we emit today. Even if we were to stop pumping c02 into the atmosphere right now, the gas would last for tens of thousands of years, along with higher temperatures and rising sea levels. This fact cause me to reflect on the teachings of Brian Dougherty and in his book ‘Green Graphic Design’, he is of the opinion that sustainability is not enough and calls for a complete change in the approach to production.

Despite all of this, a debate still rages as to weather or not to include the term Anthropocene as an epoch, (a formal segment of earth’s timeline) in the timeline of our planet. Personally I feel it would be incredibly irresponsible not to do so, as David Attenborough states if we do not act on climate change “the collapse of our civilisation and the extinction of much of the natural world is on the horizon”. He also speaks of the success of the Paris agreement, ​​which was a global effort to tackle the issue of climate agreed upon in Paris, 12 December 2015. With the leader of the free world recently announcing his intention of withdrawing America from the agreement, my fear is that the skepticism of the adults I heard in my childhood, still echo throughout society. No matter what side of the fence you sit on, the scientific fact does not lie. In my opinion, It is time for society to continue to rally behind the effort of Greta and other alike.  

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