Strange Encounters…

This week, I further explored my surroundings and getting to know some of the users on second life. At first it was a daunting task, however as I began to explore the world and venture to new areas, I discovered a very diverse range of users. Some were eager to chat, others…not so much.

Encounter 1

The first encounter I had was with Elke, from Germany. We crossed paths in an open field before she transported us to her own space. It was here where she displayed some of her creations. Boasting a medieval style castle as her dwelling place, she began to show me around.

Elke transporting us to her own space…
False Walls…

Boasting a medieval style castle as her dwelling place, she began to show me around. She proudly displayed her home and some of its features, including secret rooms, hidden behind false walls.

Piano Lessons…

She was also very determined that I play her piano whilst I visited…

Encounter 2


The second conversation I had took an unusual turn. While exploring the terrain, I crossed paths with a group of users having a conversation in this square. I asked some of the participants to explain what was happening, to which they replied, it was their space, to meet and hold discussion or simply socialize.

Language barriers…

I noticed that some of the users were speaking in both Dutch and German. It was then something remarkable happened. One of the most interesting factors of this form of communication is that it can quickly break down any language barriers reasonably easily. As all users are already connected to the internet, the ability to translate what is being said is seconds away. I found myself conversing in both German and Dutch with other users effectively.

Encounter 3

My last encounter was with a character called Zizzigirl, she was in the process of collecting items for her wardrobe, which new users can access them for free. When I explained that to Zizzi that I was was in the process of a college project, she mistook that college for one of Second Life’s, something I knew nothing of. There are Colleges and Universities in the world of Second Life, that are used by non connected members as a means of education. I thought this to be very inspirational, free education, that can be accessed by anyone with a connection to the world wide web.

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