Anthropocene is the term used to describe the age of the human and what an impact we have made. Paul Crutzen and Eugene Stoermer first coined the term in 2000, and it is used to highlight the fact that we are living in an era that our climate and environment is shaped by our existence. […]

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Final Meeting

Following the groups second face to face, myself and another member of the group, met up in person on campus to discuss the final form of the presentation. Again, this was because we felt that the progression of the presentation was just to slow when communicating online. The third member of the group was present […]

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Virtual Ability Island.

Unfortunately, I missed the opportunity to visit the Island with classmates this week. However, I had heard about the Island from students who completed the module last semester and became interested. So I made the point of visiting the site in my own time. I was hoping to speak to some of the islands inhabitants, […]

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Of course I would Walk Away…

Unfortunately I was unable to attend this class, after reading the short story, ‘the ones that walked away from omelas’, I was very disappointed I missed the conversation. I found the story and its ideas, incredibly interesting. The story is about a city that is in every way perfect, the inhabitants who live there, live […]

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Content and Produsage In this weeks class we discussed a term I was previously unfamiliar with known as ‘Produsage’. An interesting and relatively new development in the online world. Produsage refers to online activity and means it is no longer organizations and professionals that are the producers of content, it is now the online users […]

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Group Meeting..

Unfortunately, things are not progressing as well as I would have hoped for in terms of our group project. The group is having major difficulties organising times to meet up online. What I am finding is communicating via email is far too slow a process. I have continued to try and contact the members of […]

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The message is a massage.

In this week’s class we explored the ideas of Marshall Mcluhan. Before attending the class I read over reading list in our brightspace module. The readings are meaty, at first it was a lot to take in. I was not sure if I was interpreting them correctly. So I had to go down abit of […]

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My Identity…

This week I have been forced to sit with my thoughts and reflect on my online footprint. In my later twenties, I have always aired on the side of caution when it comes to my own social media accounts and in general, post very little. Truth be told, this behaviour is probably due to the […]

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Group Meeting

In this weeks post, I will discuss the first meeting of my group. After a somewhat rocky start I finally touched base with the other members of my group. Initially we found communication to be an issue. After exchanging email however, things began to pick up pace! A group member named “coldtoesies” and myself, began […]

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Speed Bumps…(Group Meeting)

This weeks installment was not as smooth as previous weeks…The objective? Organise a meeting between our group members and discuss the group project that lays ahead, seems straight forward right? In my experience of in previous group projects, being unfamiliar with the other group members was not as big an issue, it was just a […]

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