Speed Bumps…(Group Meeting)

This weeks installment was not as smooth as previous weeks…The objective? Organise a meeting between our group members and discuss the group project that lays ahead, seems straight forward right?

In my experience of in previous group projects, being unfamiliar with the other group members was not as big an issue, it was just a matter of approaching the members after a lecture and introducing myself. Or perhaps, asking other students if they were familiar with the names I was looking for?

Not so easy in a virtual enviornment, How exactly does one guess a members email from the tag name ‘Coldtosies’!?It came down to guessing another group members real name from their virtual one and requesting an email from my lecturer. Thankfully, it seems my group was not the first to hit these speed bumps. Apperentally it is usual for online group projects to get off to a slow start…

But nevertheless there is still a valuable lesson to be learned here…

The group fell down as a result of a lack of organisation. The groups priority should have been exchanging email or phone numbers at the first possible chance, this is something I intend on doing in the next class. In my previous experiences in group projects, hitting the ground running is essential. Ideas need time to percolate, your first idea, is rarely your best. This is true, in my opinion, to all creative fields, be it writing a blog, designing a poster, painting a picture or decorating an interior. A clear process must be followed…

Ironically, after writing the title of this blog post, I was involved in a car crash a number of days later, and not in an virtual space! This further delayed meeting the group. It was important however, to remain organised, I informed the group of what had happened and re-scheduled a touch point with them. This is perhaps, a downside to working in this manor, communication is slowed via email in comparison to physical interaction. In next weeks post, I will discuss what happened and share some ideas the being thrown around by the group!

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